PZZ "Ginekumedika" as the first private gynecological and obstetric healthcare institution has successfully taken care of and progressively progresses in fostering the health of women in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia since 1993.

For 21 years, it offers you a humane approach, authenticity, effectiveness, promotes the best solutions and is a leader in the introduction of new techniques, technologies and methods of gynecological and obstetric health care for the female population in Macedonia.

Do not hesitate to take your step towards better health because we are an example that the experience makes the difference and we prove it best!


Dr. Dejan Bozhinovski, specialist gynecologist - obstetrician
Dr. Silvana Bozhinovska, a specialist gynecologist - obstetrician

Short history:

1993 First private gynecological-obstetric institution in Macedonia
1997 First 3-D ultrasound in the Balkans
1998 First on the Balkans and still the only laser Yag-nd on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia for the prevention of cervical cancer (PVU)
2000 Second office in Skopje with the same technical equipment, technology and work methodology as in the home office in Bitola
2003 Start of the IVF program in cooperation with "Lakentro Advanced Medical Center", Thessaloniki-Greece
2007 Introduction of the first ultra-short protocol for the treatment of genital organs in women's warts and for the first time in the male population with Yag-nd laser
2009 Fertilized with IVF, the leading and best-born of the oldest patient in Macedonia (48 years, 2M 1F)
2009 First 4D HD ultrasound device in Macedonia
2013 New ultra pulse diode laser
2015 Gold Medal at the Innovation Fair, Makinova 2015