Pregnancy calculator

A tool that will help you if you are pregnant to calculate your OTR (probable dates of birth), or the date on which you need to bring your newborn into the world.

Below are several highly specialized expert advices from our team of doctors for your checkups during your pregnancy.

Examinations during pregnancy:

First quarter (up to 12 weeks gestation):

    • Gynecological examination, Pap test
    • Echo examinations
    • Body weight, Blood pressure
    • Laboratory analyses (blood test, blood group, biochemistry, RH factor)

Second quarter

    • Echo examinations
    • 13 weeks ultrasound screening for Down Syndrome
    • Week 19 Genetic sonogram
    • For Rh negative antithyroid control
    • For older than 35 years amniocentesis

Third quarter

    • Echo examinations
    • Laboratory analyzes
    • Body weight, blood pressure
    • An external examination of a pregnant woman
    • Cardiotocography CTG

Third quarter trials are repeated at 34, 36 and 38 gestation weeks

Pregnancy calculator

Last menstruation

Possible date of conception

(About 2 weeks after the last menstrual period)

Fetal age today:

Weeks Days

The best time period for NT scanning

(12 weeks and 3 days to 13 weeks and 3 days)

19 weeks / Morphology Scanning Date

Estimated maturity date (40 weeks)

On ,
You will be weeks and days pregnant.

Date of the previous ultrasound examination and fetal age on that day

Weeks Days