Condylomes (condylomata accuminata)

Genital warts or condylomas are small pale pink growths and most commonly occur in groups. Causative is the HPV virus, that is, the low-risk types of the virus. In 90% of cases, condylomas are responsible for HPV type 6, 9 or 11. Sexually transmitted disease. Most often there is HPV infection and consequent occurrence of condylomas through sexual intercourse, whether it is vaginal, oral or anal. They are also transmitted through direct contact with infected skin or mucous membranes. They are easily obtained even if you use a condom. It's almost impossible to protect yourself against this infectious disease, considering that your partner can be the carrier of the virus even if there are no visible symptoms. Symptoms of this disease are generally small pink spots or envelopes that grow and multiply in groups very quickly or an envelope or nipple that only grows. Since infection with the virus until the onset of symptoms may persist for a long period of time, they usually occur no more than 3 months after sexual contact with the infected person.

Except sexually, because this disease is quite contagious, you can be infected through: public toilets, contaminated bedding, infested clothing, towels and bathrobes that were worn by infected persons and the like.

There are two ways to treat or remove the condylomas:

  • The first is burning with nitrogen, which is a very painful and long-lasting method.
  • The second method is the laser removal of condylom which is more effective and far shorter. With laser treatment, the condylomas are removed once and painlessly.

Tip: Do not change clothing, towels, bathrobes with friends and close personalities. Always be cautious when going to public toilets, disinfect your hands after leaving the toilet.