Laser treatment of PVU changes (cervix)

Laser treatment of changes in PVU (uterus) or so called laser vaporization is the superior and most used way of treating changes to the PVU (cervix).

With thin laser beam all diseased cells are removed. Short-term and painless intervention with short recovery time. The percentage of treatment is quite high, ie over 95% of cases are successfully cured, without relapse.

As a specialized office for changes in the cervix, what is specific to the work of PID Ginekomedika is the use of Ultrapulse didode laser which is considered a 21st century method. In recent times, changes in the uterine cavity such as HPV infections, CIN changes, condilomas and the like seem at first glance very serious, but with a small painless intervention they can be removed forever. PZU Ginekomedika demonstrating its humanity and affection for its patients in 1998, it acquired the YAG ND laser, which was first brought to the Balkans and is still one of its kind. In January 2013, a new, more sophisticated and more specialized ultrasound pulse laser was purchased.

The advantage of this laser is that the light beam is flexible. Through the colposcope it is precisely acting in the affected place. It is an advantage for young women who have not given birth. If only one point is affected, only it is healed, the tissue that is healthy does not get caught. It is targeted only at the place where the change is, the change is caused mainly by the HPV virus and the patient with a one-minute painless intervention is simply cured. It's the biggest advantage of the laser that we have as an office, unlike other lasers, for example, the CO2 laser whose beam occupies much wider and which removes the rest of the healthy tissue. A fascinating method especially for women who have not given birth. There are no flaws and no harmful effects.