Spermogram - Examination of seed material

We are witnessing that the modern way of life (polluted air, stress, food we eat, alcohol ...) leads to many diseases and disorders in our body.

Proof that all these factors also affect the quality of the seed material is the fact that male sterility compared with ever, now more and more percentage increases and almost equates to the female sterility factor.

Spermogram is the result of a series of analyzes of semen material (ejaculate).
These analyzes provide information on the ability of sperm cells to fertilize egg cells, their number, appearance and quality.

From the analysis of the seed material (ejaculate), you get information on the following parameters: appearance, lichenification, consistency, viscosity, volume, motility, agglutination, sperm morphology, sperm concentration, total number of ejaculate spermatozoa, and photos of them.

According to the results and the reference values of the above parameters, a diagnosis is established that can be one of the following:

  1. Normozoospermia - a normal ejaculate that deviates from normal reference values
  2. Oligozoospermia - a targeted total number of spermatozoa
  3. Asthenozoospermia - reduced sperm motility
  4. Teratozoospermia - impaired morphology of spermatozoa
  5. Azoospermia - absence of sperm in the ejaculate
  6. Necrospermia - dead sperm in the ejaculate
Proper preparation for spermogram

In order for the results of the spermogram to be objective it is important to abstain from ejaculation from 3 to 5 days. If you carry the material from your home, then you need to purchase a sterile urine pack from the pharmacy and bring the material to the Center for at least an hour. The cup should be wrapped in several layers of paper (due to thermal isolation) and placed in a bag.
You can also give the seed material in the very center, in a special room used for this purpose. In that case, you will receive all the necessary funds in our Center.

In both cases you are entitled to anonymity.

Schedule a spermogram
Working hours 08:30 - 14:30

Method of delivery of the seed material

*way 1: Bring it in person or donate the material to the IVF Center.
Price: 2000 denars

*way 2: By agreement with you, the material will be picked up (from our service) from your home and the results will be sent to you by email, fax or other means of communication that you choose.
Price: 2200 denars