3D / 4D

PHI GINEKOMEDIKA has the latest 4D HIGH DEFINITION ULTRASOUND echo device, the only one of the kind on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and offers top quality work with it by highly specialized, professional, professional staff.

If you are a future parent, eager to see your baby, now you can see all of his movements in a live 4D video. From the first movements of your baby, turning, listening to his heart even to the slightest grimaces he does.

A great way for future parents to get to know their baby before birth.

4D core is essentially a video that contains 3D echo images plus the addition of the fourth dimension ie time.


The 3d / 4D echo machine performs many examinations and methods to see how your still unborn baby progresses inside the uterus.

One of the most important screening methods is ultrasound or echo screening, because it is a fast and non-invasive method and gives a lot of information about the fetus and pregnancy. From 11 to 13.5 weeks, screening for Down syndrome is done. It is done by detecting genetic markers for that syndrome, and maybe with biochemical markers, separate or together with echo markers when it is for a slightly higher prognostic value.

From 18 to 21 weeks, a genetic sonogram is made on the basis of 16 genetic markers. This method is of high prognostic value. A normal finding is if no marker has any deviation from the normal. If there is one in one, using the software calculates the risk for the fetus and therefore decides whether genetic amniocentesis is needed or not.